Void | how to Void a check in 2022

how to void a check:

whenever you are providing any set up of automatic bill payments, deposit from employees then you need to void your check. The advantage of the voided check is that by using the voided check you can share your bank details without any worry. In some cases when it’s needed to provide a check with any physical form then send only voided check.

By doing that, there will be no chances to cash money by your check. Another benefit of the voided check is you can cancel the check when you don’t need it longer. When it comes to providing a check for your personal work then it is such a risky task. The most important and user-friendly technique to protect your bank account in such cases is “provide a voided check”. If you write “VOID” on your check then nobody can use it.

Following are some steps to void a check:

1. Use Pen: The most important thing to remember is to always use a black or blue pen when you are voiding your check. Another thing, don’t use a pencil to void a check. Because if you use a pencil then there will be chances to be erased. So, this is such a risky task. So, just write the word “VOID” on the check. You can write void on your check if you have made any mistake in the check regarding spelling or the number of amounts.

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2. Write void in a Large letter: Always write the word “VOID” in large letters and in the Payment amount box, Payee line, Signature line. If you realized later, that you have made any mistake on your check then just write void three times on your check and it will be beneficial for you.

3. Don’t forget to make a copy of your records when your check has been sent to direct deposit or debit.

4. Moreover, Choose the option of accessing a void number in banking service.

5. Make sure to don’t write anything else other than “VOID”. But it’s ok if you have written anything by mistake.


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