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PrizeRebel, If you are looking for a part-time job or want to earn money online in your free time then this will be the best article for you. In this article, you will get all the answers to your doubts you will also get information about How to earn money online. There are lots of choices available on the internet from where you can earn money in your free time. So, if you are truly wanted to earn money then PrizeRebel is the best platform for you.PrizeRebel is the easiest way to earn money.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is the Survey site. You will be rewarded by PrizeRebel when you will complete the task or activities given by them.PrizeRebel is a U.S. based site from where you can earn money easily.PrizeRebel is a survey site that pays you for giving honest feedback so that related companies can perform better. PrizeRebel has established in the year 2007 it is well known for its surveys but it also provides other opportunities to earn as well. PrizeRebel pays you through points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Many other sites do not give you this kind of information. When you are looking for a get-paid-to rewards website then PrizeRebel is the best site you will see. After completing the survey you will get points as well as gift cards as a reward.

How to Sign up?

Before using this site first you have to get registered on the PrizeRebel website. Follow the following steps to get registered in this site:

Step 1 :

Click on this link:

⦁ If you want to sign up with your Facebook account then click on the button “Sign up with Facebook”.
⦁ There is also another option is available for signup instead of a Facebook account.
⦁ Enter your First Name & Last Name
⦁ Then enter your Gmail id and choose a secure password.
⦁ After that click on “I’m not a robot”.
⦁ Then click on the button “Start Making Money”.

Step 2 :

⦁ After clicking on the “Start Making Money” button you will get a verification email on the Gmail id you have given.
⦁ Just simple! Verify that mail and you will easily get registered on the PrizeRebel website.

Step 3:

⦁ After Registration enter id and password for sign in.
⦁ After sign in you will see your dashboard.

Step 4 :

Now you will see your profile. In terms to complete your profile, you have to answer some questions. These questions will be related to your lifestyle such as your address, Date of Birth, Educational level, Employment status, Gender, Ethnicity, Mobile phone type, Yearly household income level. It is very important to complete your survey.

PrizeRebel Account :

After completion of all the signup and sign-in process, you will be led to your dashboard. In the dashboard on the left-hand side, you will find your daily challenge earning. And there will be a number of points that you have to collect in 24 hours. In the center of the dashboard, you will find survey companies to take a survey. It provides daily surveys, Your survey, PeanutLabs, and SaySoRewards.
In the dashboard, you will find a button named “Offer Wall”.By clicking on that button you will get to know about all the offers and how many points it pays.

Why You Should Use This Website?

PrizeRebel exists since 2007 and it is a very good Survey site.PrizeRebel had great customer service as compared to other platforms. It is a 100% reputable company. Made an effort to connect on social media and free points and more. In PrizeRebel you can watch videos while using this app, and offers to earn points. If you sign up to this site then you can earn more as compare to other sites. It provides real-time integration with various market research companies. Members of Prizerebel are awarded by more than $19.According to research Prizerebel has up to 170k fans on Facebook. People above the age of 18 years are eligible to use this site.

How Prizerebel works?

⦁ Complete offers: Complete all offers that are given to you.
⦁ Survey: Take surveys from 3rd party companies. Get rewards from Prizerebel. Daily surveys are available on Samplicious Surveys, Cint daily surveys, for example, Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap research survey, etc. When you take your first survey you will get 77 points.
⦁ By watching videos: Watch short videos online and earn points.
⦁ Task: Complete all online task that is given to you.
⦁ Participation in games : To collect more points participate in online games and contests.
⦁ Account-level points: As you earn more points you can unlock more account benefits. You will get account-level points by completing regular tasks, activities, and referral earning.
⦁ Earn free gift card and points by :

⦁ Answer the survey
⦁ Tell about yourself
⦁ Visit local retailers
⦁ Join contestsRefer friends
⦁ Offerwalls
⦁ Redeem your points

⦁ Prizerebel works on a level system. In the initial state, you will get a Bronze account status. Then after you will be led to silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level. To reach the Solver level you have to earn 1000 points. To move through the up-level you can increase your perks. On each level, if you want to know how many points you need to progress then click on the current level on top.
⦁ Points: After completing survey points will be credited to your account.

Ways to Earn With Prizerebel :

online survey :

Before learning how to get an online survey we have to be familiar with what is Survey actually and how exactly it works. So in the survey first you will get questions like quiz questions that will find surveys that are related or fit for you. After you answer the questions on the survey they will provide surveys related to your requirements. After you qualified for a survey or do qualified for a survey the actual survey will start and from there you have basically pointed already because after you start the survey there is no way for you to disqualify the survey.

So now we will see how to do a survey:

After login to Prizerebel, you will probably want to know how to do a survey and get the points. So suppose you have selected your survey from the given option. So here they will provide a survey that fits your profile. After the survey has been provided you have to answer some questions and complete the survey. Then they will check that are you really qualify for that survey and pass that survey is the most important part of the survey. So after that, you have to fill some information such as the date of birth, age, etc. And then you will get an actual survey and you have to qualify that survey. After completing that survey you will get points according to the survey in your account.

Join Offers :

To join offers you want to have valid emails, not only valid emails but had want have lot of valid emails when completing offers because if you use one particular email complete and let’s say one offer for a company and you find another offer which is just as good but it is from the same company then you cannot complete it with that same email because they already have that on their database so they will not credit you for that particular same email. So you have to use completely another offer from the same company.

The first thing on the offer page you have to focus on is the criteria set up. So in the drop-down list, you have to select a credited. It will display the offers that have been recently credited. and then make sure that you select 100% free is select. Do not download the offers because you will get viruses, spyware into your device. So after selecting 100% offers you will find all offers that have been recently added. So, after completing that particular offers you will get maximum points into your account.

By Winning :

To win maximum points in PrizeRebel you have to load up some promotional videos. Also, you can win by playing games or downloading games or installing them on your device. There are maximum chances to win points by playing games. You will also win points by shopping online by the PrizeRebel affiliate link. You will also get cashback as well as maximum points. When you will earn maximum points on PrizeRebel you will be able to convert it in real-time points. You will get that points either in the form of a gift card or cash.


On the referral page, there are several things that you can do but here they will provide you a referral link. You can use this link to send people you want to refer to when they click on that link they will be taken to the price of a website but they will be under your referral ID so once they sign up you will get credit for that. You will get maximum points by referring people. It will help you mostly in online shopping. The benefit to refer people is when you refer to the people and they will register on the PrizeRebel by your referral id you will get 20% or 30% every time from their earning.

Payment proof and Rewards

Payment Method :

Whenever you earn points from PrizeRebel it will then converted into real-time money. In this 1 point is considered as $0.01.Same as 100 points are considered as $1 and 1000 points are considered as $10. PrizeRebel provides you all the information about points that how many points you will get by completing the survey or completing the task.PrizeRebel will pay through Paypal account or as amazon, Flipkart gift card.

It will pay in various ways :

Gift Cards :

When you want to convert your PrizeRebel points into real-time money then as a gift card you can choose either Amazon voucher code or prepaid voucher.

Cash :

If you want to convert your PrizeRebel points into real-time money and you want to get this as cash then you must have a Paypal account. PrizeRebel will pay through PayPal account.

How much you can earn?

It takes several times to earn maximum money from PrizeRebel. But as you are working part-time on this site you will definitely get a satisfactory amount. You will get a minimum of $0.50 per task. And you will earn $1 to $5 per day. You can increase your earning by winning as possible as maximum points.

Pros :

⦁ It is 100% free to join PrizeRebel
⦁ You will provide lots of activities, tasks, surveys, and offers
⦁ You will get maximum points after completion of a task
⦁ PrizeRebel provides the best service to its customers
⦁ Major and different types of levels to earn money
⦁ Customer will get payment in cash on a regular basis
⦁ It is worldwide
⦁ You can have maximum earning opportunities
⦁ 100% legit site
⦁ You can access this site on any device such as a laptop, computer, mobile phone.
⦁ You can take unlimited Surveys
⦁ A website with a good reputation

Cons :

⦁ You have to fill your personal information
⦁ It is not necessary to qualify for all survey
⦁ There are limited offers and services for some countries
⦁ You may be disqualified for some surveys
⦁ In some situation, it may take several time to get points as well as cash

Extension Available Chrome and Firefox :

Extension available on Firefox:
You can now find PrizeRebel Firefox add on which keep you up to date with all the details.

You can download Firefox Add on from the Firefox store.

Extension available on Chrome :

It is also available to the Chrome browser also.

Conclusion :

PrizeRebel is the best survey site. We have provided as much as all information regarding PrizeRebel such as what is PrizeRebel, How you can complete Survey, How much money you can earn from this site and many more things. It takes time to earn money but you will definitely get maximum money as a part-time worker.PrizeRebel provides the best service to its customers. You will definitely get impressed by this site after working on it. This is the platform where you can earn a small amount of time on a daily basis instead of wasting your time.

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