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My Likes, If you want to earn money in your free time and you are looking for the platform from which you can earn money then you reach on the right platform. In this article, we will provide information regarding the best online earn money platform. Yes, MyLikes is the platform for which you are looking for.MyLikes is an easy and simple system to earn money. Read the whole article and you will get all the solutions regarding your doubts.

What is MyLikes?

MyLikes is the best website to earn money online.MyLikes is a social advertising website. By using MyLikes you can easily earn money from sharing advertisements sponsored by companies. Users can easily get registered on MyLikes and they can share advertisements on social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. The whole scenario is, advertisement companies pay to MyLikes to display their advertisements. And MyLikes pay to their users to promote the advertisements. Various companies, Institutes, Organizations deals with MyLikes and make the agreement and decides the budget for cost-per-click(CPC).MyLikes works as a Google Adsense and Google Adwords program. Same as Google Adsense anybody can use it as a publisher and as a Google Adwords anybody can use it as an Advertiser. So, it depends on you which role you choose.

If you join this website then you can share the content on that platform. You have to host your site on their domain. But that specific URL is dedicated to your account. And if people like and visit your content that you will earn money from MyLikes.

How to create MyLikes Account?

  • Sign Up:
  • To create a MyLikes Account, first of all, go to the official site of MyLikes.
  • You can create an account by either your Facebook login or Twitter login. This is the easiest way to log in securely without the need for any Sign-Up process.
  • In normal sign up process, first, enter your Email id.
  • Then provide the Full name and User name.
  • After that create a secure password.
  • Now you are ready to Rock! Click on the “Sign Up” button to complete the process.

Login :

  • After creating an account on MyLikes you can easily log in to the website.
  • There are two ways to login. You can either login by your Twitter & Facebook account or by the normal sign-in process.
  • If you want to get login with Twitter then click on the “Login with Twitter” button.
  • Another way is by providing normal information such as Email id or Username and Password.
  • At last, click on the “Login” button to complete the process.

As soon as you complete your sign up and login process you will be lead to MyLikes dashboard.When you have normally got a login to the MyLikes website remember that don’t forget to link your MyLikes account with your social media such as Facebook and Twitter.MyLikes allows you to post sponsored advertisements on your social media page. People click on the links and then you earn money from it.

How to connect a MyLikes account with Facebook & Twitter?

To connect your MyLikes account with social media, go to the “Influencers” Settings page and then click on “Register with Facebook” and “Register with Twitter” buttons. You can either select both or select any one of them according to your requirements.

When you get connected to Facebook it needs your permission to gain access into your account. So it will show you a notification. As simple as always, if you want to connect your Facebook account with your MyLikes account then just grant permission and you will now be authorized to manage your Facebook account and MyLikes account.

The same scenario will happen with Twitter when you have selected “Register with Twitter”.Twitter will prompt you to grant your permission. Do the same thing which you have done with your Facebook account. Just grant permission and now your Twitter and MyLikes both accounts are linked.

Social Platform:

How to connect MyLikes account with other Social media?

You can connect your other social media platform to your MyLikes account. Therefore, you just have to click on the “Account” button and then click on the “Manage External Accounts” button. At last, it will show you a context menu. So simply make settings from that context menu. You can link your MyLikes account with Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms.

Usage of MyLikes:

So, all the process of account linking, account sign up and login has been finished. Now the interesting and amazing phase begins. This is the time to promote advertisements. First of all, go to the home page of your MyLikes account. On the home page, you will find a list of advertisements. It will show you a list of ads and other information related to the payment that how much money you can earn from promoting ads and per click. If you want to promote any ad then click on the “Like This” button placed beside the ad.

How to Earn from MyLikes?

To Earn money from MyLikes follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

  • Create a domain with
  • After sign up with MyLikes website create a name for your website.
  • Choose a Username for your account.

Step 2:

  • After creating a website create and share the content.

Step 3:

  • You will be paid for this when someone clicks on the content shared and advertises promoted by you.
  • Different Ways to Earn Money with MyLikes:

Create and Share Content:

After creating the MyLikes website you have to start creating and sharing the content on the website. The main thing that you should keep in mind is, select the content according to the public which is connected to you. The benefit of this thing is if you will select the content which your people likes then it will get more share and likes. Therefore, always try to find the content from which your people would entertain. After creating content share it on MyLikes site.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you share your content don’t forget to select your MyLikes domain in a pop-up. The reason behind this is you might be sharing any other page on your site.

If you want the best result then don’t share links of MyLikes after each other. Make sure to mix it with other content. And take care of your content to don’t get mark as spam.

Create Content:

You can create your own content on MyLikes. The advantage of creating our own content is that when you will create and share your content you will not only get paid for sharings and likes but also you will get a percentage of earning from MyLikes when people will share your content. Suppose, you want to create your gallery in MyLikes website then simply click on the “Add Gallery” and then on “Add Image”.Like this, you can create your content according to your requirements.


MyLikes will pay you via PayPal account. So to earn money from MyLikes you must need a PayPal account. When you will earn money more than $20 they will pay you weekly.MyLikes also pays through Amazon gift cards and Wire transfers. Amazon gift cards also pay weekly. You will get paid via Wire Transfer when you earn more than $50. Wire transfer will pay only monthly.

  • How MyLike is different from other Platforms?

There are many alternative platforms of MyLikes:

  • PressRush
  • Mapp
  • ClearView Social
  • Marketing 360
  • Flashtalking
  • AdsWizz
  • AdButler
  • Amplifr
  • Affise
  • LiveIntent
  • ComScore
  • SpyFu
  • LeapViral
  • iViralLink


  • PressRush software is designed for business strategies. Publish price of PressRush is $49 per month per User.


  • Mapp is best for Enterprise Organizations. This software is designed for large size businesses.MyLikes has a pricing score of 5.4 where Mapp has a pricing score 4.

ClearView Social:

  • ClearView Social Software was designed for low budget business. It is used on the cloud.ClearView Social is less expensive than MyLikes.ClearView social has a pricing score of 3 where ClearView Social has a pricing score of 5.4.

Marketing 360:

  • Marketing 360 is marketing Software. It was designed for a low budget. This is also a cloud-based software. Marketing 360 is a software that has a pricing score of 2 which is less expensive than MyLikes with 5.4 Score.


  • Flashtalking is also a leading Marketing software. Likewise another software, Flashtalking is also a cloud-based software. This is more expensive as compared to MyLikes.This is the software with a pricing score of 5.6 where MyLikes has a pricing score of 5.4.


  • AdsWizz also a part of the best marketing software. It has a pricing score of 6.AdsWizz is expensive more than MyLikes.


  • AdButler is the software that is included in leading marketing software.AdButler has a pricing score of 5.4 which is less expensive than MyLikes.The publishing price of AdButler is $10 per month and per User.


  • Amplifr is a software that is designed for business strategies. It is software with a pricing score of 6.8. It has a more expensive pricing score than MyLikes.It provides a publishing price of $5 per month.

  • is the money-making website the same as MyLikes.$50 is the minimum withdrawal amount of this platform.

  • is a platform to earn money online. This site needs verification when you sign up on this website. It is good to work with this platform when you have more than 50K likes on your Facebook or any other social media page.

  • You can work with this platform only when you have maximum likes and audiences on your social media. A person with less social media audience can not work with this platform. It provides two schemes for its publishers. One for 10K likes required and another for 50K likes required publishers.

  • This is also an online money-making platform. It pays via Wire Transfer every week to its users.


  • LeapViral is the same as MyLikes.You just have to create and share content on this.


  • MyLikes is an amazing social advertising platform.
  • If you have a profusely amount of audience then you will make great money with MyLikes.
  • It empowers the publishers and engages the audience.
  • There are lots of platforms that are more expensive than MyLikes.As compared to that platforms MyLikes is the best choice.

The result is also based on the content you have shared. So if you have shared any interesting content then you will definitely get the best result and earn maximum money.
It is good for publishers from the USA.


  • You must need the maximum audience in your social media network.
  • For the best result, you have to create your own content on MyLikes.
  • MyLikes is also more expensive than some platforms in some cases.
  • You cannot move your site to any other platform.
  • URL they shared looks like spam.

Publisher and Advertiser Payments:

MyLikes has a system in which it analyzes which publishers got how many scores. Therefore, it will pay according to that score. So, by this approach publishers who got less score will be paid less as well as get more seeds from advertisers who have lower budgets. Rather than that, Publisher with a high score and high traffic will be paid high as well as get seeds from higher budget advertisers.


This article was totally based on earning money from MyLikes.I gave you maximum information regarding MyLikes.According to my suggestion, if you want to earn money then you can choose this platform as an online earning resource. It will take time but surely you will be satisfied with this. And yes if you have maximum people in your Facebook or Twitter network then you should try this way of earning. The more you have the audience network the more you will earn.

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